Michelle the rabbit visited Selfridges today. She was disappointed not to find a dashing frenchman in the windows. 

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Today Michelle emerged from her winter hibernation and went to see Les Miserables on stage. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and now can’t stop singing the songs.

Can you hear michelle the rabbit sing, singing the song of angry rabbits.  

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Today Michelle the rabbit saw her favourite lady in Non-Stop. It was a bit scary for a little grey rabbit. 

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Michelle the rabbit in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. She was hoping for a meeting with The Pope but unfortunately he was too busy to see her. She wanted to know his views on the next series of Downton Abbey. 

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Today we visited The Colosseum in Rome. Michelle the rabbit was a bit wary of lions.

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The rabbit does Rome: day one.

She’s decided that all the trees in Rome look like broccoli and it makes her hungry.

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Michelle the rabbit is off to Rome tomorrow! She’s very excited.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, love Michelle the rabbit. ❤️

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She’s been very quiet lately, but Michelle the rabbit is still out and about. Today she took a ride on the conveyer belt at the sushi restaurant Yo Sushi. 

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Here is Michelle the rabbit’s annual good luck message to Dockers for tonight’s Golden Globes. She hopes Little Lady Mary will make an appearance this year. 

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